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Making Quilt Labels

Here are some ideas for what to include on the label:

  • who made the quilt
  • the quilt pattern name
  • date and place where it was completed
  • whom the quilt was given to
  • the occasion, such as a graduation, retirement, or anniversary, that prompted the making of the quilt
  • care instructions
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Helpful tips for taking your quilt to a longarm quilter

  • When taking your quilt to be finished, it will be helpful if you have an idea of what design you desire. Discuss with your quilter what will look best. Do you like to see curved lines or straight lines? An all-over design or something more custom? Dense quilting or not? What color thread? If you let it up to your quilter, you may not like the finished product. Be sure you and your quilter are on the same page. Happy visualizing!
  • Please make sure that the ends of your backing are straight. This is one more thing your longarm quilter will need to do if you don’t!
  • DO NOT use a sheet for your quilt backing! You will not like the results! The thread count is different and “pokies” will appear.

Tips from guild member Connie Egli

  • Don’t remove the 4″ quilt sleeve after a quilt show. Instead, leave it on to save “wear and tear” when used on a bed to prevent soil.
  • Need a way to cut thread while traveling or in a secured building? Take along a container of dental floss! The metal cutter used to cut the dental floss will cut your thread!

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